Who’s ready for the Reedy?

I’m running a 10k tomorrow. Quite possibly the largest event ever for Greenville. Or…it’s equally possible that I just made that up. However, I do know that they actually reached (and passed) the “cap” of 3,000 participants, which is, undoubtedly, a lot of people.

Am I ready for the Reedy? Not as ready as I was a month ago! I’ve been building my base back up since October, and when I finally decided in January that now was NOT the time to run a marathon I was averaging 35-40 miles a week and had run up to 16 miles at one time. Not bad, lazy one! Why, thank you.

Things changed with the Green Valley 10 Miler a few weeks ago. I managed to re-aggravate an old college injury and lost all of my training momentum. Argh! How can months of dedication get erased in a few days? I’m currently seeing a chiropractor (that story definitely deserves its own post), and while I’m feeling better my training is still sporadic.

So, am I ready for the Reedy? Maybe not to race, but I’m ready to have a good time. I’m meeting a friend beforehand, and we’re planning to run and chat and treat it like a training run. We run in Cleveland Park all the time anyway, it’s just that now we’ll be there with 3,000 of our running friends. It doesn’t look to be anything for the record books, but it’ll definitely be an experience. 😀


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  1. I love the blogs so far. I have been dealing with my own injury and just bought new shoes. TrySports in Mt. Pleasant took a video of me on a treadmill. I thought for sure I’d be a overpronator but turns out I’m normal. No crazy stuff with my feet. I now own what I call “Harry Potter” shoes because they are Asics Gel “Nimbus”. Just like Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 broom for quidditch. Now only if I could run as fast as he flys. Good luck tomorrow! Hope you continue to show improvement in your pace. Oh and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I feel so cool 🙂

  2. Hey Megan,

    Good luck at the Reedy race tomorrow! Stay strong and do your best. At least the weather will be nice. I will be cheering for you!


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