Why don’t you take vitamins?

Remember that scene in Ocean’s 11 where Saul is eating an orange, and Rusty asks him why? Saul says, “the doctor says I need vitamins.” Rusty then asks, “then why don’t you take vitamins?” Saul replies, “are you here to give me a physical?”

Well, the doc has told me that I should be taking vitamins. I don’t disagree with this, and I don’t have any problem with vitamins. I used to take a women’s multi in college for a little extra iron and whatnot. Nope, I don’t have a problem with vitamins…but they seem to have a problem with me.

The reason I stopped taking vitamins in college is that they made me sick. Not from anything IN the vitamins, but apparently from something ON the vitamins. There’s something about that tablet (or the coating on it?) that my stomach vehemently dislikes. Normally, I’d take the vitamin with breakfast, and I’d end up feeling mildly queasy for 30 minutes or so. One fateful day, however, I took the vitamin BEFORE breakfast and actually got sick. The stomach said, “rejected!” Ugh. VITAMINS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD FOR ME!

I’ve tried different brands, but they all seem to have the same effect. I’ve tried taking it in the evening, and the effect is perhaps less pronounced but I’m more prone to forget to take the thing so it does me even less good. I’ve considered going back to the Flinstone’s vitamins, which I remember fondly from childhood, but during the marathon training I experimented with Jelly Belly’s “sport beans” as mid-run fuel. What’s the connection? They taste like Flinstone vitamins…and if there’s anything I don’t want to taste at mile 9, it’s chalk. BLECH.

I’m going to stop whining about this for now, primarily because my stomach has just re-settled. Until tomorrow, that is. Maybe Saul had the right idea. Does an orange have any other vitamins besides C?


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  1. Vitamins ? Well I obviously don’t know why your doctor suggested that you take vitamins, but as I understand it there is mounting evidence that taking vitamins as a supplement is near meaningless for the overwhelming majority of the population. Apparently the body don’t absorb vitamins taken as a supplement very well. There is some evidence that it might be beneficial for athletes but as I have come to understand it, that is far from conclusive. And then you have the deal with water and fat soluble vitamins. I.e Vitamin “C” is water solu ble and you can eat as much as you like because what is overdose is tied to your body water disposal system and we don’t have to go into details about that. Fat soluble is somewhat more of a concern since if you get too much it becomes toxic. I seem to remember there is evidence of vitamin A toxicity in the various “stone age’ people that have been found. A diet rich in meat, and it builds in the food chain. I’d go with Nancy Clark, every runners favorite food geek, and stress variety in food, i believe her current recomendation is to eat 35 different items of food in your diet for example no matter how you serve it up, french fried, potato chips and mashed potatoes only count as a single item: potato. Also, some nutrients depend on other nutrients for example it doesn’t matter how much iron you try to stuff your self with if you dont get enough vitamin C to go with it … and so on.. if you don’t already; subcsribe to running journal so that you get Nancy Clarks column or check her website http://www.nancyclarkrd.com

  2. Wow! Thanks for all the info, Flemming. 🙂 It’s been awhile since I’ve read any of Nancy’s stuff, but I’ll have to go back and review it. Fortunately, anemia has never been a problem for me, but I already knew about the iron + vitamin C thing from my teammate’s experiences. It’s a shame I really don’t care for Power bars…or at least, I didn’t 8 years ago. Maybe it’s time to give them another try…

  3. Also, if you need to, I found that Flintstones is much easier on the stomach. I throw up with regular vitamins too and started taking flintstones without a problem. I look ridiculous buying them but I don’t care. I recently switched to a brand from whole foods that’s been okay but then again I never remember to take them.

  4. I totally had this same problem a couple years ago when my doctor told me to take vitamins. I’m so glad to hear it wasn’t just me…although suffering together isn’t really helpful. Also, I’m loving your blog, seriously.

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