A Formal Apology to Winter

Winter, I owe you an apology. I’ve said some mean-spirited things about you behind your back…wishing that you would just go away and leave me alone. I called you cold-hearted when, in reality, you’re not. Just a little cold. This became abundantly clear as I tried to breathe normally and keep the sweat from streaming/stinging into my eyes this afternoon. What I didn’t see before is all that you did to help me run. It’s not your fault if most of my winter running clothes don’t fit and I’m too cheap to buy more. You don’t control daylight saving time. Please accept this runner’s humble and sincere apology. I’ll try to be more grateful and treat you with more courtesy the next time we meet. I’ll see you next year.  


One response

  1. Yep, when above 70 its fun no more, however, when it hits 80 – 85 it makes for a training environment to get ready for Peachtree..

    Probably don’t even need to tell you to just run slower, I felt like I was using a walker this afternoon.

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