Taking My Chances

There’s a chance of showers/t-storms on Saturday, and the voices in my head are holding a conference.

  • Spoiled Megan is pouting, because she had planned to wear the ipod as a mini-distraction and she hates when she can’t do exactly what she wants.
  • Dainty Megan wrinkles her nose as she imagines soggy shoes…and their accompanying smell.
  • Impatient Megan is hoping against hope that it’s only rain and not a thunderstorm, because they might postpone the race for the latter and she has accounted for the race starting at 8:10am. Waiting is not part of the equation.
  • Malicious Megan lets loose a devilish laugh as she considers that bad weather might leave some of the competition at home…a greater chance of an award for her!
  • Girl Scout Megan has already mentally packed newspaper, towels, and spare socks and shoes in preparation for a wet run and in consideration of greater comfort afterwards. Be prepared! 
  • Nerd Megan is remembering the Mythbusters episode where they tested the myth that running through a rainstorm would keep you dry(er). It doesn’t.
  • Masochist Megan is delighted to have an opportunity to show how tough she really is, and hopes that there’s an opportunity to run through some mud in remembrance of cross country.
  • Worrier Megan has already imagined 3 separate scenarios where rain + oil-slick roads have spelled certain doom.
  • Writer Megan is wondering how far she can stretch the whole “half marathon preparation” thing. Might already be overkill.
  • Lazy Megan is still grumbling about missing an opportunity to sleep in.

Someone really needs to tell all those Megans that there’s only a 40% chance of rain on Saturday. Not only can the forecast be revised between now and then, but there’s still a greater chance of NOT rain than rain. Runner Megan is taking her chances.


3 responses

  1. So many Megans! There’s a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms here on Saturday, and that’s our 20-mile run, so very similar thoughts are racing through my head. Here’s to a potentially soggy Saturday run!

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