The Day Before

The race is tomorrow. Almost exactly 24 hours away (it’s currently 8:17am), because the official start time is supposed to be 8:10am but veteran runners know that a race hardly ever starts on time. Track is more ridiculous (one time, I ran a race the day AFTER it was scheduled solely because the meet was running so far behind), but it’s slightly ironic that in a sport where participants are obsessed with time races always start late. I find that a little amusing.

This is the day before the race. The day before the day before the race is supposedly the “most important night for sleep,” but I’ve long suspected that this is something coaches say to keep frantic runners from freaking out about a bad night’s sleep the night before. What’s that, high school runner? You couldn’t sleep last night? Never fear! It’s TWO nights before the race that matters. Your night of tossing and turning last night will have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on your race today. Now get on out there and bring home the gold!

Or something like that.

The day before the race is “hydration day.” This means that I’m going to have to do a better job than normal of refilling my water bottle. I’ve already completed my run for the day, a 1.5 miler around the neighborhood for mostly psychological reasons. That just leaves packet pick-up and some form of pasta (yum…pasta) for dinner and my pre-race ritual will be complete.

And in other news, the National Weather Service is now predicting, “shower and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 2:00pm.” Sweet! I will be done with the race by 2:00pm!  I know this because (1) there is a 3 hour time limit, (2) if I’m on pace, I should be done in a little under 2 hours, so therefore (3) the only way it’d take me 6 hours to finish is if I got hopelessly lost and Scott had to come pick me up in Gaffney. Or Ashville. Or (while I’m admitting to my total lack of direction) Columbia. Getting lost really isn’t in the realm of possibility because I’ll be somewhere in the middle of the pack and will have plenty of people to follow, so it looks like I may have a dry race tomorrow after all. And the voices in my head begin to cheer…:D


4 responses

  1. “Let the sunshine…let the sun shine in!” Hurray for good weather. I hope the same luck comes this way 🙂

    Looking forward to another witty post after your race. Woo!

  2. My dearest,

    My sister is, inch for inch, the toughest little scrap I know. I measured her unit toughness and compared it with mongoose, and she came 8 percentage points ahead (margin of error +/- 2.3%). So toughness she has. I just need to know she has motivation, encouragement, and confidence. So, sis, take heart and smile at the pain that comes your way. Feel joy in your heart as you run. I look forward to hearing the results. I love you, sis.

    your littlest brother

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