Photo Op: Drake Relays

What, two posts in a day? After zero all week? I’ve just had a lot of computer time today. Plus, Drake Relays were last week and I just wanted to put up some pictures. Running at Drake my junior year of college was one of the greatest achievements of my running career. Not only is the atmosphere unbelievable, with the scalpers outside hawking tickets (yup, at a track meet), the drum line getting the crowd (and the runners) pumped up, the old stadium…but it’s also the location of my 10k PR–36:57.


The tunnel onto the track.

The tunnel onto the track, part 2.
Um…not actually one of the best athletes in the world.
Just being a dork. (This is the day after my race.)

 Two years later, little bro anchored the winning DMR for Mizzou. Gooooooo bro!

Yes, “little” bro IS over a foot taller than me. Somehow I picked up all the recessive “short” genes. Go figure.


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  1. hey! blog slacker! see what happens when you post like every day and then take a break? People like me miss reading new stuff. So post something…pretty please?

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