Little Things

It’s the little things that make me happy. For instance…

My backyard smells fantastic. That sounds a little strange. Explanation: we have these bushes with little white flowers, and the little white flowers smell really pretty. This has nothing to do with running, I’m just grateful that I didn’t get those oldwetsocks smellin’ white flowers. I think the smelly flowers belong to “Bradford Pear Trees.” Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I don’t get much beyond “smellin’ good” or “smellin’ gross” in my plant identification.

Yesterday, the first song to come up in the shuffle as I started my run was the Chariots of Fire theme. How motivational is that? Today, the first song to come up in the shuffle was Radiohead’s Paranoid Android…I’m, um, not really sure what that means. Although talking about conspiracy theories one day and paranoia the next might indicate something or other…nah. 😀

I have recently discovered that most of the running shorts I assumed I could no longer wear actually still fit. YAHOO! I have been wearing longer, baggier shorts ever since returning from my running “vacation.” I think the initial shock of the “normal person” weight gain pushed me beyond the edge of reason. “Scott, there is no way I can wear those things.” Three pairs of shorts and one year later, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Not only do the “smalls” still fit, they look better than those big, baggy mediums. I just tripled my running wardrobe!

The geese have their goslings. This means that they hate me even more than usual…which is unfortunate, given that I recently catered a meal for them. Hmph. However, geese are very cute and cuddly looking as babies, and it’s fun to watch the little puff balls run around the common area. Tehe.

And…….Sidenote: the light, fluffy posts are going to continue as I try to build up the nerve to go for a book review. I’ve been telling Running Buddy that I’m going to do it for weeks now, but there’s something about the words “book review” that triggers a grad school flashback. Shudder.


3 responses

  1. *SHUDDER*

    mapc ruined us all.

    I have an idea: since running buddy doesn’t have the nerve to start her own blog, maybe she could write a book review for your blog. Or you two could co author it.

    Or, running buddy could just have her own blog. Cuz she’s my buddy too and I wanna read what she has to say on a frequent basis. Yeah. Ok. End rant ;o)

  2. Yes, but you see…I don’t think Running Buddy has read one of the books that I want to review. It’s buried beneath a pile of 50 other books she’s wanting to read. And the other book I’m planning to review she hasn’t read for years. So alas. I do hope she’ll be an occasional guest author on here, though. Takes some pressure off of me. 😀

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