Top 10…Search Engine Terms

One of the cooler (or creepier, depending on whether or not you have a blog) things about WordPress are its reverse stalking features. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out that I could track how many hits my blog was getting a day. Whoa, really? I can do that? Sure can. The all-time record, for anyone who might care, is 83. This feature mostly just shocks me—I believe it tracks based on IP address, so hitting “refresh” 20 times would only record as 1 visit. I have trouble imagining more than 5 or 10 hits a day. This whole blogosphere thing is a awfully humbling to a little ol’ rambler like me. Occasionally, the “blog stats” feature also motivates me to write a post…such as, for instance, when noticed that I had over 30 hits on the weekend of the Greer race as various blogging friends were hinting that I should type up a race recap already!

WordPress also lets me know what people have been searching for to find my blog. I cherish this little list because it is so fantastically entertaining. It cracks me up to see how my randomness gets assembled by Google. I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

  1. runners are different adidas — Most of the search hits are related to the Adpinions post…this one is my favorite, because the Adidas’ Runners, Yeah We’re Different campaign is my favorite.
  2. kia commercial girl playing basketball — Another video link search…this one entertained me because that’s exactly how I searched for it in Youtube!
  3. fartlek ipod nike plus — Some stuff, it seems like people are looking for my blog. This string connects directly with my first two posts. Or someone just wants to know if there’s a way to set up an interval workout in Nike+. There’s NOT, but there should be.
  4. runners — Wow. Um, how many pages into Google does my blog fall for this one? I’m not quite vain enough to search and find out, but it’s amazing that someone can type in “runners” and get me. Holy cow!
  5. totally amazing — Tehe. Bet whoever typed this in wasn’t expecting “awesome cool ninja wunner” to come after it! Oh, the random.
  6. wrist strap vs nano nike+ — Wish I had the answer to this one, random Nike searcher. I’ve gotten a few hits about “sportband accuracy” and “sportband fault” as well…if Nike wanted to send me (hinthint) a sportband for free, I would review the two.
  7. first half marathon — I’m sure a post title like Running My First Half Marathon had something to do with this result…
  8. running vomit — Uhhhhhhhhh…ew? Most disturbing about this one is that it was one of the first search results I ever received. Waaaaaaayyyyy before the half marathon post (where I know I used the word vomit) ever came to be.
  9. megan achille — This looks almost as random as me. I wonder if that’s someone’s name. It’d be kind of cool if your last name was Achille. Or maybe it’s a MIDDLE name…now there’s an idea. 🙂
  10. spandex wedgie — Lolololololol. That is a perfect nickname for what Eastbay refers to as “track briefs.” The spandex wedgie. I love it. 😀

2 responses

  1. I have to leave a message because this is too funny. I actually got here because i was Googlin to see if there was a way to program fartlek into nike +.

    It sucks to see that it’s not possible…. it’s tough always looking down to see if you should be done sprinting haha. very counterproductive. Anyway. blog looks good! good on ya for getting up in the morn, I rarely do that and end up out there after work. 🙂 good luck.

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting! I’ve got a tip from a friend about some songs through iTunes that change tempo periodically to simulate an interval workout. I keep meaning to try it out…I’ll try to quit procrastinating and actually see how/if it works.

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