Introducing…Running Buddy!

Note from Megan: Instead of continuing to steal Running Buddy’s ideas for posts, I’ve added her as an author. She’ll be posting from time to time and (hopefully) filling in any gaps between posts on my part. She’s a great, great friend and an awesome writer, too.

Hello, loyal MeganRunning readers! I am a guest writer (known to you as Running Buddy). I thought I should introduce myself and give my first blog post ever (thanks to a little gentle encouragement from M & J). On a side note, I will say (without pressure from anyone) that I’m a very loyal reader of this blog, so I’m thrilled to be a featured guest! J

A brief history:

  • I’m a retired runner trying to slowly jog myself back into shape (not college-runner shape though).
  • I happen to work right next to Megan (she’s probably getting sick of me by now!).
  • Megan has provided me with the motivation and encouragement to start jogging again.
  • I started running in high school and was lucky enough to run my way through college before burning out.
  • I love to run with my 16 month old Shepherd/Retriever/mix named Jack. He’s a great running partner for those days when I don’t run with Megan.
  • I love cross country more than track.
  • I hate running skirts. And I’m not a fan of spankies either.
  • I love cherry limeades and peach smoothies.
  • I still eat like I did when I was a college…and it hasn’t caught up with me yet.
  • I haven’t run in a week and I know that the more days you take off, the harder it is to get back into it. Megan help! I need motivation!
  • I don’t have a blog, but apparently I need to start my own someday…this will be good practice for me!

You may notice a few similarities between Megan and myself….we’re scarily similar but I promise I’m a real person and not a figment of Megan’s imagination!

More to come!



One response

  1. great to meet you running buddy!

    side note:
    i’m really surprised at the strong opionions people have about running skirts :)…

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