SunshineLollipopsRainbows… ah, phooey.

I owe Running Buddy an apology. Not only did I twist her arm and convince her to go to track practice, but once we got there I wasn’t especially nice to her. Sigh. We had a 400, 800, 1000, 1000, 1200, 1200 workout ahead of us and I was all sunshine and cheerfulness during the warmup. But then, after the second 1000m (in which she mopped the floor with me, incidentally), she was trying to play the cheerleader and encourage me into finishing the workout. What a great friend! And living up to her name to boot…one of the roles of all running buddies is encourager/motivator. And what do I say?

“You’re really annoying me right now.”

Ack! Dismay! What just came out of my mouth? I didn’t mean it the way it looks. I wasn’t jealous that she was beating me—I’m a decent enough person to feel genuinely happy when someone else is running well…which she was. Holy cow. On her last 1200, she ran a 1:26 on the first lap. 1:26!!! This after not being on a track for three years. Besides that, she was really enjoying her time back on the track. I admired that and reallyreallyreally wasn’t trying to bring her down. I meant something more like, “Cheerfulness at this point is going to go unappreciated.” Which, come to think of it, doesn’t really look or sound any better. So maybe I am a jerk.

Or…there are two basic types of people who run track workouts. There are those like Running Buddy and Scott. Boy, do they love to be on the track. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been away, they take to it like fish to water. Perhaps there’s a bit more masochist in them then in the rest of us. At their simplest, interval workouts are the steady application of discomfort. Or maybe they’re just born optimists and their positive attitude extends to the track. To them, there are several stages to a workout—just getting started, almost done, and done.

Then there are people like me. I’d like to think there are others like me, but that could just be wishful thinking. It’s not that I’m a particularly negative person (ok, maybe I am), but there’s something about track workouts that tends to bring out my inner Grouch. I usually try to keep my grouchiness to myself. After all, it can be tough enough to make it through a workout without Whiny Whinerton buzzing around like a mosquito. But for me, there’s really two stages to a workout—this hurts ok, and this hurts A LOT. Scott assures me that I’ll work through this phase eventually, and even though I know he’s right I also know that he’s one of those “weirdos” in the first category and the grouch in me isn’t entirely sure if I should believe a word he says.

And that’s why in a track workout the conversations between Running Buddy and I on our rest laps went mostly like this:

“Yay! Running! Track!”

“Yay! Endorphins!”

“Only two more! You can do it!”
“Maybe. Grumble” (Internal monologue: Sure, two more of the longest rep of the workout! I’m already tired…ew.)

“All right! Just one more! I really like track!”
“You’re really annoying me. Grumblegrumblegrumble.”

Sunshine…and dark clouds. Running Buddy…and me. Sorry about being the rain on your parade, RB. I’ll try to find some cheerfulness pills for next time.


2 responses

  1. Believe me when I say you ain’t seen grouchy until you see me. I don’t think your dark clouds can compete with my hurricane force winds, hail, lightning, and flash floods. I think I like working out but I can be way too focused when I am and it never translates to sunshine and happiness.

    I think some people are just freakishly positive. So weird.

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