More Ranting…or, Megan’s Wish List

I was in the market for a racing outfit. I know this may sound a little hypocritical after my ranting about the “looking cute while exercising” skirt…but it’s really not. In fact, I believe that the trials of shopping for a racing outfit inspired the “running” skirt rant.

This is what I wanted to find: a singlet that is a color besides white; that is fitted (“girl style”) but not one of those skin-tight spandex jobs with the built-in bra; and shorts that in some way match. This is what I absolutely did not want: spandex, skirts, a plain white singlet, or the color pink.

Am I being unreasonable? (Scott would say, “Yes.”) Am I being too picky? (Scott would say, “YES!!!!!!”) This is a slight exaggeration, but I sometimes feel like I’m the only female runner who has no desire to wear the “girl color” or spandex. Blah. Blech. Blurgh. How about orange? How about red? How about tennis ball yellow? It doesn’t matter just so long as long as it’s not in the pink/mauve/fuschia/lavender/pastel family. I don’t even care what brand—Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, Reebok, Mizuno, Brooks. Whatever. Comfort + Color, Comfort + Color.

Whoa. Got a little carried away there. Sorry about that. Fortunately, this rant has a happy ending (Or, as you may be thinking, an ending. Hooray!) RB, Scott and I went to Charlotte over the weekend to try out some new running stores and go running in McAlpine Park. (so fun!) Poor RB and Scott got to play fashion consultants to Whiny Whinerton…”Is this too tight?” “Are these too short?” “Holy cow, look at my legs. Blech.” “I like the shorts, but the top…” “Is there any other color besides PINK?” Four stores and 75 combinations later, I ended up with something I think I can be happy with. I had to compromise a bit on the top…it’s one of those “spandex jobs with the built-in bra,” but there just weren’t any regular singlets that I liked. The closest one spawned a 10 minute debate about whether it was for men or women. It was blue, and almost covered the shorts that went with it even though both were smalls. “Megan, are you sure that’s not for guys?” No! Look at the shorts! The v-neck and the non-gaping armpits finally settled the issue—designed for women, but the sizing was off. I’ll get to model the new ensemble at the Sunrise Run…which is coming up fast. I still need to convince RB that running at 6am will be soooooo much fun! C’mon, RB. It’ll be good for you.


One response

  1. You are supposed to be extremely picky!! dont let them tell you anything else.

    personally I favor adidas gear, but that’s me.

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