Can’t Stand the Heat

So last Wednesday was my third track workout with the Greenville Track Club. You may remember that at the first workout, I felt great! I was energized, excited, and enthusiastic about running. The second track workout went well too, not as great as the first, but still bearable. The third workout was brutal. It was 97 degrees outside and we did a 400, 1200, 1000, 800, 600. This run made me question why I even tried to start running again. I just wanted to give up. Between the 1200 and 1000 my mind and legs weren’t communicating properly, somehow I’d lost all my gears and was just running on empty. I wanted to go faster and I pushed myself, yet somehow my times got slower…just a frustrating part of running math. Sometimes more effort does not equal faster times. I told myself to just finish the workout—everyone was hot, tired, sweaty, smelly, and gross, just like me! I wasn’t alone.

We get to the 800 and I think..just two more things…two more things…only an 800 and 600…the worst is behind you. After the 800…just one more rep…just a lap and a half and you’re done! Think how wonderful that hose of cold water will feel on your head! (Side note: the back of the neck and the wrists are the most amazing places for cold water after a run…feels like heaven)

Something amazing happened with the last rep….I found another gear. I actually ran my last one faster than any of the previous…it didn’t feel great, but I did it. My body responded when I thought I was long past the point of running fast or even running at all. That’s what keeps me running, even when my mind thinks I can’t do it anymore and my legs feel like they’re going to give out—they don’t! They respond to my desperate plea to finish the workout and they keep me running and keep me going back for more!

~ Running Buddy


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