Grumbles & Trolls

I have been running…but I haven’t been particularly enjoying it. This said to explain the comparatively slow blogging week. Every time I sit down to type, the only things that come to mind are (1) grumbling about the sudden switch to August-like weather in the beginning of June and (2) whining about the less-than-pleasant anticipation of waking up at 5:15 (or…gasp…EARLIER!) on Saturday. Both of these topics have been addressed before. Repeatedly.

I started to wonder if I cursed myself with that “Deep Thoughts” post, because ever since there has been a sudden dip in mental activity during workouts. No blog-composing or incredibly detailed, random, and entertaining (to me) observations on life, the universe, and everything here. No-sirree-bob. My muse has apparently gone on vacation…to Alaska. Her substitute is an unimaginative troll satisfied with turning desperate pleas into running mantras. On a good day, the mantra is borrowed from Finding Nemo—”just keep running, just keep running, running, running”…tehe. Animated movies are the best! On a bad day (cough-Saturday 5-miler, 87 degrees at 7:30am-cough), I find myself repeating “don’t stop” or “1-2-3-4” with every other or every fourth stride. Ugh.

Fortunately for me, I’ve uncovered the root of the problem. In the winter, the toughest part of the workout is getting out the door. The first few minutes of “BRRRRRCOLD!” are recalled with dread. Once out the door, I remember what always gets forgotten in the warm coziness of the house—I warm up in the middle of the fourth or fifth repetition of “BRRRRRCOLD!” This gets reversed in the summer. Getting out the door into the sunshine? No sweat. Continuing to run the planned distance? LOTS of sweat. Egad. The job of the mantra troll is to scream “don’tstopdon’tstop” to drown out the insidious whispers. “Let’s just go for a walk today.” “How about if we cut this short? Five miles, one mile, it’s really the same distance.” JUSTKEEPRUNNING JUSTKEEPRUNNING!!!

Ridiculous? Yes. Immature? Sure thing. But it works. After running Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in the heat, I told Scott on Sunday that it seemed cooler. He informed me that I’m just getting used to it, because cooler it decidedly was NOT. I hope that’s true. It would be a positive thing for everyone, and just in time for the race.


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