Rise and Shine!

Ran the Sunrise 8k Saturday…um…morning. That seems a little redundant. When else would you have a Sunrise Run? When the sun rises! Anyway. This one was a pleasant surprise the whole way around.

Surprise #1: I went to packet pick-up on Friday, and there were no t-shirts. Instead, they were giving away insulated lunch bags with the race name and date screenprinted on them. Scott’s a little bit unhappy about this one (“What, the one race I sit out on, they do something cool?”), but I’m delighted. 🙂 Not only do I have a definite upgrade from the Wal-Mart bag I was previously bringing my lunch in, but I can imagine that my post about excessive t-shirts…or maybe Flemming’s ever-so-slightly more blunt (the phrase “a waste of 400 pounds of cotton” comes to mind, tehe) t-shirt commentary…had something to do with it. I know, of course, that I’m not actually responsible for the change…but it’s a fun fantasy.

Surprise #2: The race started at 6:30, not at 6:00. I’m not sure how the earlier time got implanted in my brain, but a little extra sleep is always appreciated. Even when it is a very little extra.

Surprise #3: There were actually a few spectators. I read an article in the Go magazine about how great the Sunrise Run was, with people coming out of their houses to cheer…and I thought: suuuuuuuuure. There are going to be people who wake up at 6:30 to watch a bunch of crazy people they don’t even know run by. I’ll believe that when I see it. For the first couple of miles my cynicism seemed justified. But then we turned into the Powderhorn neighborhood, and I was pleasantly surprised. There weren’t scores of people lining the course, or anything like that, but I saw a dozen or so scattered throughout the next 2.5 miles. One guy had even hooked up his garden hose and was spraying people with water if they requested it.

Surprise #4: I didn’t die. I mean dying in the “bonking” sense, not the literal one. I was fairly certain that I would survive a 5-miler, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. Running consistently, however, was. I’ve gotten so used to my races being characterized by an overly-optimistic first half and an incredibly painful, much slower second half that it was a bit of a shock to run even splits. Running Buddy and I managed to be right around 7:30 pace for the first three miles. The fourth mile was 7:38, which isn’t much of a slow down considering the heat and the (few) hills, but the last was 7:18 (for me, more like 7:10 for RB) which was heartily encouraging.

Surprise #5: My hip didn’t hurt. At all. Not even the tiniest little twinge. I think some of the strength and flexibility exercises I’ve been doing are starting to pay off. That is the biggest relief of them all.

Surprise #6: The race directors continued to look for “useful” prizes to give away during the awards ceremony. They awarded water bottles instead of medals/trophies. Kudos to you, race directors! Not that I GOT a water bottle (and not that I’m the least bit upset that RB stole—I mean earned—the last one…tehe, just kidding, RB! You did great!), but I am impressed. And if you care about such things, the green or pink water bottle matches the green or pink lunch bag received at packet pick-up. Coordination = nice. 🙂

Surprise #7: I got a picture on Greenville Online. I usually complain about the utter lack of pictures of me after a local race. Pretty impressive, considering that there were over 600 pictures of the Reedy River Run alone…four of which were of my husband. He must be more photogenic than me. Or it could have something to do with the fact that  he was 12th and I was…I dunno…267th. Or something. Well, the streak is broken. There is a picture of me from Saturday’s race! RB found it for me. If you follow this link, you’ll see a photo of a fella triumphantly finishing…and if you look on the left…in the background…you’ll see a blur wearing green. That’s me. 🙂 Sort of my own little Monster’s Inc. moment. “I can’t believe it…I’m on TV/on the Greenville News website!!!” Lol. Go me. RB is kicking herself for finishing ahead of me and missing her moment in the spotlight. Sorry about that, RB. Maybe next time you’ll be a little less of a speedster.

So that was the Sunrise Run. Not a bad way to spend the wee hours of a Saturday morning. 🙂


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  1. nah .. the race director has a long history of giving out bags for events, or gloves or sweat towels or anything but T-shirts EXCEPT the one event where the signature give-away is the mock turtleneck that we, your faithful readers, know you love and treasure. And, yup, he generally put on some awesome events. You should come out for the November trail run and get one of the signature CAMO stretch T-shirts. You might not want to wear it church, but at least you’ll have a different event shirt 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed the food too, yours truly got up extra early to have that truckload (literally) of grapes and yougurt at the event by site by 5:45 ..

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