Q&A or…More Search Engine Stuff

It is highly probable that I’m entirely too fascinated by the “Search Engine Terms” feature on WordPress. I’m not really sure whether this means I have a closet stalker personality or that I’m just a geek. Either way, my obsession continues…which warrants another blog post. This time…Q&A style. (Note: I didn’t make any of these up, or search for them myself. I’m as certain as I can be that they’re authentic searches.)

  • “my underwear gets sweaty when I run”
    Yes. This happens. Running is exercise—exercise makes you sweat.  The only way to really stop this is to quit running, but that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it?
  • “billy mills chariots of fire streaming video”
    Um. Billy Mills is not in Chariots of FireChariots is set in England (mostly) and chronicles sprinters Eric Lidle and Harold Abrams’ trip to the Olympics in 1924. There actually is a movie about Billy Mills’ life and Olympic glory (in 1964? I think?)…it’s called Running Brave. Much less well-known than Chariots, and it doesn’t have a catchy and famously motivational theme song.
  • “calories burned aqua jogging hard”
    I’m not going to answer this one. It would make you sad.
  • “picking wedgies and tight spandex”
    I’m assuming this search string concerns the etiquette and not the mechanics of picking a “spandex wedgie.” 🙂 Let’s see here…I would say “pick” in nearly any situation. Because even if, say, you’re running a track race and there are a million people around so you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, odds are they’ve already noticed the unfortunate wedge. And are wishing you would do something about it. On the other hand, NOT picking sends a clear message that you’re “in the zone” and have more important things to worry about than personal comfort. Ok, that’s enough about that.
  • “snake pointy nose”
    How pointy? Like a rhino? A rhino snake? That’d be something to see. Send pictures!
  • “running skirts for guys”
    I am indescribably pleased (seriously, this made my week!) to be able to note that the ridiculousness extends to the male gender as well. Guys, meet the UTILIKILT. (Note to Scott: If you actually got me a running skirt for my birthday, this is what you’ll be getting for yours. Keep that in mind, mister!) 

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