Running Vacation

No, not a vacation from running—a running vacation! Scott and I spent a long weekend in Charleston to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years? Wow. I’m not really sure where the time has gone, but there you have it. We had a lot of fun—we went to the beach, did a little shopping, and I finally got to make my long-awaited visit to the aquarium. (I always try to convince visiting family members to go see the fish with me, and I always fail.)

And, of course, we ran. Before we hit the beach on Friday, we ran around Isle of Palms. Good gravy, and I thought it was humid here! Charleston gives a whole new meaning to the word. Then, on Sunday, we headed out to accomplish one of the tasks on Scott’s Charleston “to-do” list: running across the Cooper River Bridge. That was…………………………I guess. 🙂 You know, because high humidity = fun. Blazing sun = fun. Never-ending hill = fun. Crowds of walkers taking up the entire “pedestrian” side of the trail while bikes whizzing by at insane speeds eliminate the chance for passing in the other lane…you guessed it = fun.

In all honesty, it was pretty fun. There’s nothing like a forced day or two (or three) off from running to make you appreciate the sport. After being deprived of running, I’m enjoying an admittedly temporary spirit of optimism and motivation. Running is my friend again…for awhile. 🙂 I’m sure this change of heart also has something to do with the Olympic Trials. It’s hard to be unmotivated as you watch the unbelievable things these athletes can do. Particularly this year, because there are people I actually know—have trained with or raced against—at the trials. So exciting! The official website (in case anyone’s curious) is, and the last round of events will be July 3-6. I’m especially excited to watch the women’s 3000m steeplechase finals. This is the first year the race is an Olympic event, and I’m looking forward to seeing which ladies get to make history.


2 responses

  1. Nice to know I’m not crazy then. It really is pretty hot and humid here, eh?

    The bridge isn’t that crowded if you know when to go.

    And I would have totally recommended running Sullivan’s instead of IOP but now you have something to come back and do.

    Happy Anniversary Megan and Scott! Congrats and here’s to at least 5×10 more happy years to come.

  2. Thanks, Lindsey. 🙂 I was in awe of the locals I saw who were running back AND forth (as in, multiple times) across the bridge. What studs! I didn’t even make it all the way across…just up and back down for a little 3-miler.

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