Summer Slump for me, American Record for Jenny B.

Running Buddy’s summer slump must have been contagious. No, that’s not it. The blame falls entirely on me. I lost some of the momentum that I had built preparing for the Sunrise 8k, and then the summer cold knocked me flat. Getting back into the swing of things in the middle of summer is…difficult…and as you can proably tell a running slump equates to a blogging slump as well. Sorry about that.

So, until I can re-find (re-find?) some running and/or writing motivation, I’m going to focus on someone who has NO problem in the motivation/dedication department: Jenny Barringer. On Sunday night, Jenny broke the American Record in the steeplechase at a meet in Belgium. She ran a 9:22.73, coming from behind with an unbelievable kick to edge out second place (Anna Willard, winner of the Olympic trials) by 0.03 seconds. As always, here’s a link to a news article, a video, and a post-race interview from Jenny. The video was shot from the stands, which adds a degree of authenticity to the experience—that’s what it’d *really* look like if you were actually there. (Note to self: Buy the Pirates theme song to play on the iPod while I run!) The commentary from the track fans who shot the footage definitely makes any loss in professional video quality worth it. Not to mention that if the race was actually televised you’d probably only get to see the first and last laps, with an interview from a sprinter about how well-prepared they are for the 100m quarter finals sandwiched in between…but now I’m ranting. Why am I ranting?

Anyway. This story started for me with a phone call. You see, my brother is a friend of Jenny’s, and he called last night to share the news. Several weeks ago, it was the news that she had qualified for the Olympics. And now…an American Record. Wow. Congratulations, Jenny! Best of luck in Beijing!


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  1. All comers Track meet at Furman tonight at 6 PM . you can do the 400 meter.. .and hang and look cool.. 🙂 and say you did SOMETHING !!!

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