8 Laps

Ran another race in the GTC Racing Series last night. It was on the track, which was hilarious in a nostalgic kind of way; and I’m completely out of shape, which was hilarious in a masochistic kind of way. I had debated wearing my spikes in honor of the good ol’ days, but when I nearly met the pavement after tripping over my own feet during my Monday easy run, I opted for the route of self-preservation. The racing flats. Clearly, my feet didn’t need any firmer connection with the ground than they already had. Yikes.

The race was sparsely populated, probably due to the starting time of 6pm, making it impossible for many (such as Scott) to make it from work in time. I imagine the fact that it was a track instead of a road race and the late afternoon thunderstorm may have frightened off a few potential contenders as well.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…although being at the track was a surreal experience. I found myself trying to calculate how many races I’d run on a track before. 100? 1000? It would take some serious effort to narrow it down to a specific number. I tried to keep the pace closer to an AT workout than a race, given the humidity and my recent laziness. I was the 3rd female finisher, although if they ended up running another heat at the end of the track meet (a possibility), my place could change. I’ll have to wait for the final results on that one. The best news is that it didn’t utterly discourage me, and there’s still hope that I’ll be able to compete in each race of the series. I really wish Scott could have run it, but I’m sure he’ll make up his lost points in the next one. He’s a quick one, my husband is. Quite the speed demon.


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  1. Does this make you the young lady in the white/green top that looked oddly familiar yet I couldn’t quite place. If it was, please follow the time honored tradition of whacking me and saying “hey, buster! wake up!” ..

  2. 🙂 Yup, that was me. And I needed a “wake up” knock as well, because I wasn’t sure whether/not I recognized you. I thought it was…then I wasn’t sure…and then I opted for silence over being embarrassed by introducing myself as “Hey, you don’t know me but I read your blog” to the wrong person. Silly, I know.

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