Note to readers: I (Running Buddy) am still here. Obviously, my summer slump is still in full force. I hope it will pass in the next month though…I’m looking forward to fall training (not! but I’m trying to stay positive and hope that it will get better once the weather cools down). So, what have I been up to lately??! Well since I’ve been having a lack of training I have been on a serious, full-fledged rampage. A READING RAMPAGE!!! It took me by surprise last week and has not loosened it’s grasp.

Explanation: Megan brought a book to work and was sneaking in chapters between writing/reading/other important work-related stuff. I was intrigued…what book could possibly draw her attention away from writing/editing training materials? That book, well, that series of books has changed my life. Now I know she doesn’t want to reveal this, but she is just as addicted as me, and she is the reason for my recent foray into the vampire romance novel. Yes, I’m talking about the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. And no, I never thought I would read this type of book, let alone like it. No, like is too weak of a word. I am completely obsessed! I LOVE them! I stayed up three nights straight and read over 1500 pages of the first three books just because I could not put them down. Who needs sleep when you have the most gorgeous vampire in the entire world falling in love with a regular girl just like me? Hey, it could happen!

Details:Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

  • Book One: Twilight (similar plot to Pride and Prejudice)
  • Book Two: New Moon (similar plot to Romeo and Juliet)
  • Book Three: Eclipse (similar plot to Wuthering Heights)
  • Book Four: Breaking Dawn (similar plot to A Midsummer’s Nights Dream, or so I’ve heard..Book comes out at midnight August 2nd!!!!)

The fourth and final installment of the Twilight Saga comes out this weekend…so that is what I’m looking forward to and focusing on. My running/training will just have to wait for me to find out if Edward and Bella ever get married and if Bella gives up her humanity to be with him for all eternity. Who could concentrate on training with questions like that to answer?!

Oh, and to relate this to running…since this is a running blog —-> vampires are impossibly fast and would win world records in any event!

~Running Buddy


2 responses

  1. I think it’s official—you’re more obsessed than me.

    But yes, I’ll admit that I’m hooked on these books, too. And I was your supplier, so I guess the fault for your obsession lies squarely on me.

  2. I absolutely cannot believe this! And I think it’s the funniest thing ever! Megan, reading vampire romance novels? Interesting. And I can’t make any promises on the running skirt…

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