Mini Me

I just discovered the Nike+ Mini application that allows you to create your own little runner avatar. According to the website, the more often I run, the more animated the avatar gets. Sort of like those pretend pets…what were those things called? Anyway. If I take a week off, Mini Meg gets lethargic. Due to last week’s consistency, however, she’s loving life.

Here’s a link to my newest way to waste time on the Internet. (Sidenote: I find it interesting that Mini Meg’s energy levels are an exact inverse of mine. The fight against summer is more energy draining for my real-life persona than it is rejuvenating.)


2 responses

  1. So super cute! You’re adorable but you also look like you could kick my ass with all those punches. I almost made one in a skirt and sent to you but the skirt looked like a towel around her waist…wierd. Speaking of, you’ll be happy to know that I went back to DSG last night and the skirt I wanted was really a tennis skirt…boo.

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