Don’t Believe Everything You Hear…or, Still Running

A downside to Mini Meg: when I don’t run with the ipod or I’m just too lazy to sync it (and upload my workouts), she broadcasts false information. Oh, well. Guess I can’t get too worked up about it—she’s just working with the data she’s given. Not so unlike the task of a technical writer…

So while Mini Meg complains about the 5-day running hiatus, and because I’m not likely to plug my ipod in for another few days, I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. I’m still running. I hit double digits again last week…not quite as close to 20 this time, but still an accomplishment.  And I’ve run every day this week so far. That ought to take care of the imaginary slander.

Saturday was a fun day. We watched the 6k trail race at Paris Mountain. A plan of action that—I admit—I was a little perturbed by initially. I don’t often sacrifice sleep willingly, but it turned out to be a good idea in more ways than one: (1) Scott got to scout out part of the potential route for the November 11k at the same venue, (2) we got to support a friend who was racing, and (3) it was actually a great morning to run. We finally got a break in the heat/humidity, and it was a shock to discover that running can—on occasion—feel pretty good. Who knew?

Monday was a bit of a let-down. Running Buddy has returned from her beach vacation, and I was looking forward to the catch-up run…but instead, she let me go all day believing that we were back to our routine and then crushed my hopes at 5:00. “I didn’t actually bring my running clothes today. You’re on your own.” Gasp! You waited all day to tell me this? “Well, I didn’t want to ruin your day.”

If that wasn’t so funny, I’d be sad. Well, I wasn’t going to run downtown by myself. Back to my car I went, my determination to run draining away the closer I got to the house. If only I had run in the morning, I thought to myself. Should I even bother now? Maybe I’ll just play a little DDR…

But instead, I ran. It wasn’t very far, but it was mileage. And then Scott made sure I woke up early enough today to get a few more miles in. Running Buddy has promised a 5-miler on Wednesday (feeling a little guilty about her earlier desertion, I suppose), so I’m going to take her word for it and maybe break 20 this week. We’ll see.


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  1. i love mini-meg. it’s so funny!! i really wanted the nike thing to sync with my ipod, but i have a big one not the nano. boo. but! i found this cool new watch that comes with a heart monitor and records your last 15 workouts. and! it has a bike attachment and a shoe attachment for running and biking workouts. i told myself i’d wait 5 days and if i still wanted it i would splurge, and i definitely still want it.

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