It’s Been Awhile, so…More & More Search Engine Stuff

Yes, more search engine stuff. This is quickly becoming my favorite game. Actually, my favorite game is Feeding Frenzy, this ridiculously simple freebie on Xbox. You’re this little fish, and you swim around and eat other fish. When you eat enough little fish, you get big enough to eat bigger fish. Oh no, watch out for the barracuda!

It’s ok. You can laugh. I like my game. Watching the cat follow the fish around the screen adds to the entertainment value as well. Anyway. Because Scott is using the Xbox, I’ll settle for my second favorite game: SEARCH ENGINE FRENZY!

Out of the Internet grab bag this week…

  • “nike sportband sucks”
    Ah…I wondered. I wrote about the sportband’s debut, but despite my not-so-subtle hinting one never magically appeared on my doorstep for me to test and review. Now we know: someone out there in the great unknown doesn’t like their sportband. 😦
  • “nike sportband hid”
    Ooh, this is frustrating. I have a tendency to hide my watch from myself. There was a time when I had the alarm set for 2:30pm every day…that way, I could ferret out its hiding place before track practice. How do you lose a watch in a one-bedroom apartment? An obsessively clean one-bedroom apartment? It is a gift, my friend. A strange and unexplainable gift. If you’ve hidden your sportband from yourself, however, I’m not sure if that method will help you. If it was me, it’d somehow have found its way into an unused pair of shoes, into the refrigerator, or underneath the bed. I’d start the search there.
  • “running lack of motivation”
    You’re not alone. I was there about a month ago, although the impending (I hope) end of summer and a training plan have helped me claw my way out of a slump. Fellow GTC blogger Flemming also suggests a training plan as a way to avoid a runless rut. Good luck! Wait a minute…Running Buddy? Is that you? Tehe.
  • “olympics fencing scream”
    Tehe. Hope you enjoyed the video from the “Things I Don’t Understand About Other Sports” post.
  • “calories burned aqua jogging”
    I still decline to answer this one. It’s not comforting.
  • “how to think deep thoughts”
    Thinking about how to think deep thoughts may actually be the way to think deep thoughts…ow. Headache. Nevermind.
  • “megans list”
    I’m a Megan. Here’s a list: stop sign, dingo, wedding, macaroni, cat, Strong Bad, printer, game. (Technically, I guess this is a list within a list. A limited time, two-for-one offer!)
  • “nano nike+ different shoes”
    You don’t actually have to buy the nike+ shoes to use the nike+ system. I like Adidas shoes, so I opted to velcro my nike+ sensor to the tongue of my left shoe. Then, I laced my shoe over the sensor to backup the velcro. I can remove the sensor if I need to, and it’s accurate and comfortable. I’ve had the nike+ system for over a year now and haven’t had any problems. If you like Nike shoes, however, there are more and more nike+ options these days. Here’s a link to all the options at the Nike store.
  • “what is fartliking”
    I really hope that’s “fartlek” spelled wrong. (If it is, and you’d like to know, please see the first post on the blog.) Really, really, really. Because I’m not liking the alternative.
  • “paris mountain 6k trail run results”
    I feel guilty that I talked about the race and didn’t link to the results. Actually, I do that a lot, which is silly. I’ll try to be better about that. For future reference, if you run a race in the Greenville area the best place to look for results is the Greenville Track Club’s website. Click here to go to the page to download the Paris Mountain 6k results.

5 responses

  1. you always make me laugh. i might be a copy cat and do some fun search engine stuff on my blog too. thanks for the post idea friend.

  2. I love these as well and you do such a good job of cleaning up any lose ends for those out there still searching for their answers.

    Little Brother: are you out there, I want a breakdown of these 71 miles you did last week. The more I thought about it the more perplexed I was. Was it 10 miles every day, 14 a day with a few days rest, are you training for a marathon or something and did a long run like 20 and then 12.5 with a couple days rest?? I’m intrigued. Chris thinks maybe it was 2 marathons and then a 19 miler? Was it that?

  3. I’m not sure if he’s reading anymore. He had no comment on my calling him a freak of nature…but maybe that’s because it’s true. 🙂

    I have no idea what the grand plan is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not marathon training. I’m *guessing* that he gave himself a rest day, and maybe he’s doing a few two-a-days to help get the mileage up.

    Or, scratch that. I bet Chris is right on the money. Two marathons and a 19-miler (or, actually, 18.6-miler) it is!

  4. Well, I’ve done a few good weeks now, and that particular week looked something like this. Starting on Sunday…
    Sunday long run in the caves: 14 miles
    Monday morning run with roomate: 4 miles
    Monday afternoon run with new running buddies: 10 miles
    Tuesday morning afternoon run with new running buddies: 10 miles
    Wednesday afternoon run with new running buddies: 6 miles
    Thursday morning run with roomate: 4 miles
    Thursday afternoon workout (7×1200 on the track @ LT pace): 10 miles total
    Friday afternoon run with new running buddies: 5 miles
    Saturday morning run by myself in Baldwin: 8 miles

    There you go D.

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