Searching for a Better Mood

I’m on a quest for a better mood, and staring at my huge, angry shoe rant wasn’t helping things. That meant I had to delete the extra peppy “I love my shoes” post as well, because while I can accept the Adidas debacle as random bad luck and NOT a personal betrayal, I’m not quite ready to be reminded of dashed hopes. So, time for a clean slate.  

I’ve got a 10-miler tomorrow morning. The better mood is needed to wake up at a decent hour (for running) and get the mileage in before it gets too unreasonably hot. The better mood is needed to adhere to the training plan while I wait for fall, and the return of a time when running might actually be (gasp) comfortable. I don’t think the shoe rant was helpful to either goal. It had to go, and the search continues…


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