9 is Fine

I ran 9 miles on Saturday, which is my longest long run thus far of this training cycle. Yes, it was supposed to be 10, and if I wanted to be picky I’d tsk tsk myself for slacking off. But really now, folks…if you knew how close I was to staying in bed on Saturday morning! I woke up at 7:08 and thought, “argh, bright.” Bright = sun, sun = heat, heat = humidity (this is South Carolina, after all), and all of this adds up to the fact that summer is hanging on well into September. Harumph, and wake me when it’s fall. Or under 60 degrees. Many thanks.

It was close, but instead I got out of bed and got ready to run. I commiserated with my shorts, the only wearable pair left in the house. “I know, this is your second time out. You’ll get the nice sauna treatment when we get home and you can talk to your friends. It’s laundry day!” I talked politely to my new shoes, which are gradually being convinced to cease gnawing on my heels. “Hey guys, how we doing? We broken in yet?” “Hey feet, how about you, used to the new shoes yet? I hope so, because here we go!”

And there I went. By the half-mile mark, I felt like a wet dishrag.  My assumptions about humidity and South Carolina were correct. Blurgh. Mile 5 was celebrated by the opportunity to run along a tree-lined (and therefore shade-filled) sidewalk. At mile 8, I had to run by fast food alley, where breakfast preparations were well under way. There is nothing like smelling fast food at the tail end of a very warm long run to make me want to NEVER EAT THE STUFF AGAIN. A big ol’ capital yuck. Running Buddy may disagree with me, but I’ve been meaning to tell her that I’ll take the nasty sewer smell of certain areas of Cleveland Park over fast food smell overload on a queasy long run stomach any day. Reason? Nasty sewer smell is supposed to smell nasty. I expect it. Fast food smell, on the other hand, is connected to something that under ordinary conditions I might actually put in my mouth. It defies expectations. On the positive side, it gives you a distinct sensory reminder of how bad the stuff actually is for you.

I had the idea last night that if I put up my fall decorations it might encourage some fall-like weather. So…I think it’s time to send husband up to the attic to find Mr. Scarecrow and Mrs. Pumpkin. I know I can’t actually call up the kind of weather I’d like, but it can’t hurt. Actually…maybe if I put the Christmas tree up NOW…hmm. There’s an idea. 🙂


3 responses

  1. Actually we are supposed to see a ten degree temperature drop by the weekend here. Guessing it means a temp drop for you too. Every little bit helps.

  2. I wore a scarf today in an effort to woo winter southwards.

    But then it got to 96F today with high humidity…so I took it off. Maybe the best way to experience better running conditions is to move north–at least for May-September 🙂

    Reading your post, though, smacked me in the face for slacking off last week with running. Back to it!

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