Swamp Rabbit Trail: Part 1 of Some

Running Buddy is a little unhappy with me…she wrote a quick little post over two weeks ago, and I still haven’t approved it. I was actually thinking of doing a Swamp Rabbit Trail post myself, so I was planning to get out, take some pictures, and add a bit of my own text for an extra-long, multi-author super-post. Problem: I forget things that are outside my normal routine. Running with RB? Routine. Bringing the camera while I run with RB? Not routine. Randomly driving around Cleveland Park to get pictures of the trail? You guessed it: not routine.

So now, RB thinks I’m on some crazy power trip and am lording my supernatural APPROVAL abilities (brought to me by Wordpress) over her. To disprove that little theory, here’s RB’s (slightly belated) post. More on our beloved squishy trail coming soon…and soon, mind you, is a relative term.

06/25/09 Update: See Part 2 of this series for more info/pictures of the downtown Greenville portions of the Swamp Rabbit trail. Happy Running!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Yesterday on our usual Wednesday run, Megan and I explored the new Swamp Rabbit Trail extension. (It’s towards the dog park side of Cleveland Park, across the road near that vet clinic.) I’m happy to report that the trail builders did not scrimp…the trail is wide, smooth, and clean, the path has two sections: pavement and a softer “squishy trail” along the side, and the bridges across the water are impressive, wide, and stable. It adds almost another mile onto our possible running route, which is quite exciting.

 It is fun to explore new places to run, and thanks to the new trail, Megan and I accidently ran 5.5 miles! That’s my longest run all summer. We originally intended to run 4, but I wanted to see where the trail ended up so we went a little farther. Somehow, when going someplace new, the miles don’t seem to take as long!

I’ve been in a serious running funk lately, but hopefully with the cooler weather and a new place to run, I’ll get back on track.

~Running Buddy


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