Bye-bye, lull! Since this week’s first post, I’ve run four days in a row. Yesterday, I managed to hit double digits in a single run for the first time in a long time. I had planned on running our 5-mile loop twice…that way, just in case I had a recurrence of scaryness, I wouldn’t be too far from home or a conveniently open business. Scott pointed out that running a two-lap course for a long run is very, very, hard…which is how I found myself running with a cell phone for the first time in my life. Ugh. That was an interesting internal debate. “Ok, so there’s no way in this world that I’m going on a run with (1) cell phone, (2) ipod, and (3) pepper spray. Might as well bring a picnic basket and go for a leisurely stroll instead.” Ugh! Sometimes, I hate accessories. In the end, the ipod went on the arm and the cell phone went in the sport bra (Sidenote: It has a pocket in it. It’s designed to carry an ipod, but I feel a tad silly poking myself in the chest in an attempt to change the music.) and off I went.

For 10 miles!  This is me officially flinging myself back in line with the training plan. Fling! And not a moment too soon, because the Spinx Runfest is coming…


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    on the subject of what to carry..
    Actually I have small cell phone that i move the sim card into for just the purpose of running. Also a road id tag somewhere, personally I prefer the one that velcros to shoelaces.

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