Furman 5k

On Saturday, I had the chance to visit an old friend: cross country. XC is my all-time favorite sport and holds a very special place in my heart. It perfectly matches my strengths as a runner. The “sit and kick” game that works spectacularly on the track doesn’t fare so very well during the fall running season. A cross country course has a way of eliminating the advantage of raw speed. As contrary as it may seem, hills are what levels the playing field for runners like me. 

The Furman race was nearly as fun as I anticipated. The weather was cool enough to qualify as a cross country experience. There was a stiff breeze, which reminded me of home (winds come sweeping through the plains in more than just Oklahoma). And for awhile, it looked like it might rain, which just would’ve been icing on the cake. A muddy cross country race? That would’ve been too much joy to handle.

I ran slower than I would have liked, but that’s ok. I’m conveniently blaming the wind, hills, and tree roots…in that order. I was also fourth in my age group, which would have been less OK if husband hadn’t come through with an age group award for me. We’re now the proud owners of a very pretty coffee mug.

Race results from the Furman 5k are available at this link.


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