GTC Relay Challenge

It’s taken several months, but Scott’s finally convinced me to get back on the track. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.” It is most decidedly NOT fun. It is a painful reminder of how slow I am. “Well,  how do you plan to get faster?” Magic. “Oh, that makes some quality sense. You know you like the track.” Yes, that glorious oval. It’s enchanting. Whatever. Besides, it’s too hot. “It’s not hot anymore…” Oh, fine!

My obstinance—as formidable a force as it may be—is no match for his persistance.

It just so happens that this week was a great week to be convinced. Darrell, Guenter, and Ed had planned a little something special for this practice. Welcome to the first installment of what I am dubbing the GTC Relay Challenge. After the workout was completed (2×400, 2×800, 2×400 was on the menu last night), 6 of the faster runners were selected as team captains. I don’t know everyone’s names yet, but Ed and Scott and Kevin and Chris were four of the captains. They each selected a lady runner and then the team picking continued until all of the willing runners had a team. Of course, as I’m sure you can imagine, Scott saying, “I guess………………I’ll take my wife” as he selected me for his first pick was one of my proudest moments. Hmph.

As the race began, it looked like it was going to be a lopsided contest. The teams were pretty spread out, and Ed’s lead-off performance gave his team a commanding lead. Ed’s pick of a former 400m runner helped his team maintain the lead, but there was some jockeying for the remaining positions as less experienced runners were matched up with former tracksters. Our team—of pink shorts (sorry, I don’t remember your name!), Guenter, me, Jason, and Scott—moved from 5th to 3rd place throughout the contest.

It’s funny how a little competition spices up a workout. I’m sure everyone would agree that the most entertaining 400m rep of the evening was the one where they had a baton in their hand. To make things even better, Guenter and Darrell brought prizes! Forgotten awards from bygone road races were the spoils of victory at the GTC Relay Challenge.


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  1. Megan,

    Hey Kyle Rozek here I was the bald guy on Brian’s team the real short captain. I introduced myself to Scott last night but didn’t get a chance to speak to you. Had a great workout, and how fun was the relay… glad you guys made it out. Look forward to seeing you guys at Spinx.


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