Countdown to 13.1, Version 2

Well, well, well. Does anyone know what time it is? Two points for anyone who just thought/said “Tool Time!” I did, too, and it’s probably been 10 years since I saw an episode of that show. Crazy how things can stick around in your subconscious. Five points for anyone who thought, “Spinx Runfest!” Because that is, indeed, the time I was referring to. On Saturday morning, at 8:00am, I will have embarked on my second half marathon adventure.

I can only hope that it is more enjoyable than the first attempt. The race is in October instead of April—that’s a plus. Another positive is the fact that big pieces of the course are on some of my established  running routes so I know (mostly) what to expect. Part of me is trying to think about establishing a slightly less embarrassing 13.1 PR, but thinking about time is what got me into trouble during the last attempt so I really am trying to learn from past mistakes. While the course isn’t quite as hilly as I was imagining, this is downtown Greenville we’re talking about. Hills are inevitable. The official game plan, therefore, is to hold the pace at no faster than 8:30 per mile until mile 10. If I can still think feisty thoughts that far into the race, that’s my cue to try something crazy.

And so, the countdown begins. Again.




If anyone’s actually looking for Runfest info, click here to visit the official site. If you’re tired of clicking, here’s the general info:

5k — Start time: 9am  — Cost: $35 — Limited to 2000 runners
Kids’ Marathon (1.2 miles) — Start time: 8:10am — Cost: $20 — Limited to 750 runners
Half Marathon — Start time: 8am — Cost: $70 — Limited to 1000 runners
Marathon — Sart time: 8am — Cost: $95 — Limited to 1000 runners, a two-loop course

Packets may be picked up at the Expo on Friday, October 24 (12:00-8:00pm) and Saturday, October 25 (6:00-8:30am). The expo is located at the Greenville Drive Baseball Stadium. Late registration is available at the Expo on Friday but there is no race-day registration.


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