Let’s Hear it for the Race Directors & Volunteers!

Running Buddy and I spotted the Spinx Runfest race directors out on the town yesterday. Or, more accurately, out on the Reedy River Bridge. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing, but as it was being done while wearing fluorescent yellow “Spinx Runfest” jackets, it’s safe to assume that it was both official and very, very important.

Road races are only possible because of hard-working race directors and their armies of volunteers. However, this endeavor that requires a huge commitment of countless hours of organization and coordination (not to mention begging and pleading for sponsorships, venues, and able bodies) often goes underappreciated. There is an unfortunate tendency towards negativity. “I wanted a small/grey/tech/long-sleeved shirt!” “What was up with those water stations?” “Ew, banana-flavored Gu? Whose idea was that?” “The race started 3 minutes and 27 seconds behind schedule! That is UNACCEPTABLE!”

Maybe it’s constructive criticism. Maybe it’s the lactic acid talking. Whatever the case, I’d like to take the opportunity now to say “thank you” to all the people who are making this weekend’s event possible. MUCHAS GRACIAS!


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