Got the Calm AND the Storm

Tomorrow is race day. There’s not a whole lot left to do—I think I’ve run through all the jitters. I’ve certainly run the most important miles towards accomplishing this goal. I’ve considered the course. I have a race plan. The only thing left is a “get the kinks out” run and conscientious hydration. With a trusty bottle of water close by, I’m officially ready to face the “day before.”

With this calm, however, comes a storm…or, in this case, the probability of rain. According to Scott, there is a 90% chance of rain today and a 50% chance of rain before 8:00am tomorrow. Good to know, ey? It’s likely that the wet stuff will have moved through before the race even starts, but in any event I’ve decided to race the old-fashioned way this time. That means no ipod. I don’t want to waste any mental energy tomorrow trying to decide if it’s ok to wear it or worrying during the race about it getting wet. It is a little sad that I won’t get to record the miles on the nike+ website. My friend Lindsey will probably be excited about that, because we’re neck-and-neck in a “challenge” and 13 miles in one run would definitely give me an edge. Other than that, I think it’s the right decision.

Today is also packet pick-up day, which I’m excited about because I am a geek and also because I hate waiting until race day to get my number. It’s that whole expense of mental energy thing again. The less I have to think about tomorrow morning, the better.


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