Second Verse, Same (Sorta) as the First

And now I have completed my second half marathon. Interestingly enough, two of the survey responses from Thursday’s poll and most of a third one turned out to be true. Interesting coincidence? Self-fulfilling prophecy? I don’t have the energy to ponder, but I did want to write a quick recap for anyone who might be interested before I go take a nap. I try to be a conscientious blogger, even if today I am a tired one. 🙂 The results will be posted to the Greenville Track Club website as soon as their available, but I’ll try to remember to add a direct link when they appear as well. (Update 10/25 at 7:45pm: Visit this link to find the results from today’s races.)

From my perspective, the weather cooperated today. I’m guessing that those wearing trash bags over their running clothes thought otherwise (Sidenote: That’s a practice I’ve never, ever understood. Especially when you don’t cut arm holes…that seems dangerous!), but for me, it doesn’t get much better than 50 degrees, cloudy, and calm. It did mist periodically, but it never actually rained during the race. 

The first half of the race was dominated by what will henceforth be my MO for longish races: “No means NO!” What’s that? It’s mile one and you’re feeling claustrophobic? NO! Stay put! It’s mile three and you’d like to pass that big group of people and it requires a surge? NO! Oh, you’re feeling that you’ve accomplished quite a bit in the first five miles and you’d like to test yourself on this downhill? NO! 

Of course, in the last four-ish miles I was telling myself “no” for different reasons. Your hamstring is cramping horribly and you need to walk? Hmmm…ok. Your hamstring is no longer cramping but you’d like to walk up this hill anyway? NO! Get your butt in gear! You’re bored and you’d like to stop? NO! Bored? Honestly? Get a grip, Megan. You’ve got less than three miles to go. 

And on and on we go. I was close to your predicted time, Flemming, until the hamstring cramp and then a round of vomiting just before the 12-mile marker threw me off 1:44 pace. (Sidenote: Thank you, random running encouragers. Sorry if I grossed anyone out!) Yes, more vomiting. Blergh. That kind of ticked me off. I thought I’d managed to conquer that particular demon this go-around. 

The last mile was blissfully downhill, so I finished with no further complications. Unofficial Megan timing puts me at 1:57.04 which is, hilariously, a PR. As not-good as that whole whining session up there sounds, and as much like trash as I feel right now, this remains my greatest half marathon achievement. I’m not sure whether to be encouraged or disgusted by this, so I think I’ll just have a good laugh about it instead. I got 7 good miles out of Greer, nearly 9 good miles out of Spinx…at this rate, I just need to repeat this whole process two more times before I put together a race that doesn’t include me walking, getting sick, or otherwise embarrassing myself. Yay? Yikes? Sigh.

Scott finished around 1:27, and says he had a lot of fun sprinting around the baseball field. Silly boy. He also says that his group may have been misdirected at one point, but it probably only resulted in an extra 400m or so. 

And a special message for my friend DeAnna…who is getting married today. I promised her that mile 7 would be dedicated to her for good luck, and so it was. Your mile was an 8:09, D. Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂 

Congratulations, finishers! Half or whole, 5k or kids’ run, it’s a great accomplishment!

Ah, yes. And if you voted for “She’ll finish, but she won’t like her time” or “The only record she’ll set is cookie-tossing…” you win! Um, 10 points for you. And 5 points for anyone who guessed I’d be near 1:55. I was sorta close. 


7 responses

  1. Found your blog through the GVL Track Club web site. Have enjoyed reading your writing, and am adding your url to my Google reader. Thanks, and congratulations on a great run today!

  2. Good job Megan! Even with the not so pretty spots, a PR is still a PR! I’m sure you can improve your time. My 1st half in 2001 was my PR, and I haven’t come close to that since, so feel good about improving!

  3. Great job… The big crowd kept me from really blasting out too fast and that saved me at the end. I thought I might be near you one time, I think on McDaniel Avenue, because I heard someone yell out ‘Go Megan’..

  4. Thanks for the mile Megs, that rocks! And congrats on the PR, you’re such a stud! I had a perfect day all around, no vomitting for me! 😉

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