A Little Secret

So, I was staring at that ridiculous baby pink Paris Mountain Trail Run shirt this weekend. I was trying to think of something comfy to wear around the house, and since it was laundry day most of my comfortable old tees were in the wash (or, more accurately, in the “dry,” but that just sounds funny). I was reluctantly trying to pick between “scratchy but fits” and “unbelievably huge with a paint stain and a hole in it” when the baby pink monstrosity caught my eye. Honestly, I only put the thing in the closet to begin with because I felt bad about immediately consigning it to the “dust rag” pile. I planned on wearing it to paint, or something. But as I was staring at it all I could think was, “well, there’s an option.” What? Pink is never an option. Don’t be ridiculous. But then I tried it on, and it turns out that the only ridiculous thing was the person wearing it. That is one comfortable shirt! It’s the perfect size, and it’s not super-duper thick like so many new tees are. So…yay. I’ve learned a lesson, but I don’t believe that lesson will be leaving the house.


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  1. winter! is was flippin’ ARCTIC when I went to the gym this morning.. like 31. and it is barley going to reach 60 today. if that isn’t winter…

    Now go read the thing about cultural weather 🙂

  2. Oh, and also I realized yesterday (the day after wearing the pink shirt) that this shirt I thought had cool abstract shapes on it actually has butterflies. That’s right. BUTTERFLIES. Ugh. However, they’re butteflies disguised as abstract shapes, and there is no glitter involved, and the shirt is brown, but still. First pink, then butterflies? I’m feeling an identity crisis coming on…

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