There & Back Again

Disclaimer: This is NOT a hobbit’s tale, but I did borrow the title from Bilbo’s autobiography. It’s a fairly apt description for the lengthy (for me) blogging absence.

I spent most of last week visiting family in Kansas. I thought about blogging a couple of times, but most of my thoughts are already covered in the last “Kansas Vacation” post. Nostalgia for old running routes? Done. Deepened appreciation of dirt roads? Done. Besides that, “visiting family” isn’t exactly compatible with “sitting on the computer and typing.” So I tried to be social. My family may have wished that I spent a little more time on the computer. 😉

I’m back now, and I have a little something to write about. On my last day there, something amazing and blog-worthy happened. The first Thanksgiving miracle is that I ran EVERY SINGLE DAY while I was there. A 5-day streak? Go me! The second Thanksgiving miracle is that, although the temperature for each of those runs was chilly by some standards (20-35 degrees), there was no serious windchill the entire week. Wow. Um, am I in Kansas? Wasn’t it supposed to be below zero just once, for old time’s sake? No? Sweet! Finally, as I was preparing to run on Saturday morning to complete the streak, I opened the shade on the window in my old bedroom. Know what I saw?

SNOW! Yippee!

And not just a smidgeon of snow, either. A good amount of big, fat flakes falling from the sky at a  healthy rate. It was quite picturesque. And because it was about 34 degrees, none of it was really sticking to the roads. So it was that, with no small degree of irrational giddiness, I went for a snow run.

What fun! Ok, so in all actuality running in the snow is a whole lot like running in the rain—cold and (eventually) wet. If you want to be pessimistic about it, there’s really nothing exciting about the prospect of running in the stuff at all. HOWEVER, snow comes around less frequently than the other wet stuff, though, and a whole lot less often in South Carolina. A 3-mile frolic through the first snow of the year seemed like a great way to end my visit.

My mom was induced to take a few pictures to commemorate the event. 🙂

Preparing to embark on the adventure...yes, I am grinning like an idiot.

Preparing to embark on the, start my watch. Yes, I'm wearing shorts. I *hate* wearing pants/tights to run. I'm weird. And yes, I'm also grinning like a kid in a candy store.


The *after* picture. Still grinning. I was hoping the picture would show the ice on my shirt, but it didn't. If you look close, though, you can see still-frozen snow in my hair.


2 responses

  1. Snow, run, fun, big grin and in shorts, not to mention the association of “frolic” with all of the above.. Holy smokes, that is just plain wrong. In fact it is so wrong my fingers froze up and I had to wait over night to write this comment.

    On the positive side, props to your mother for taking better pictures than your usual photographer .. 🙂

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