The Inevitable WILL NOT Be Postponed

Yesterday, we left our leading lady in quite a predicament. To marathon, or not to marathon…that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the wonderings and regrets of goals unachieved…or to lace up those shoes against a sea of miles, and by running accomplish them?

Hahahaha…that’s your faux Shakespeare of the day. But seriously, people…what point is there in postponing the inevitable? I want to run a marathon someday. 17 weeks from now makes a swell someday. Why give myself any more time to procrastinate?  Especially when I have a husband who is 100% supportive of the endeavor? And will be going through the ordeal with me (although at his much faster pace)? And a fantastic Running Buddy who’s agreed to train alongside me?*

Ok, so. I’m officially training for a marathon. Mr. Higdon provided me with a plan, which I modified slightly. I then made myself a pretty little print-out copy so I can keep it IN sight and IN mind, and also to give me a quick and easy method of logging runs. In theory, this will be highly motivational. Husband and I are considering a couple of different races. On the short list so far are the Flying Pig and Kentucky Derby Marathons.

And…I guess that’s it. Kind of anti-climatic, huh? Yes indeedy. Well, stay tuned, because the end to this “to be continued” won’t arrive for another four months!


* Highlight below to see a secret message.
Running Buddy hasn’t actually agreed to run a marathon. In fact, she’s probably too smart to let me talk her into this. She’s on vacation,  however, and unable to speak for herself so I’m going to pull a little prank on her. I’ve just discovered that as the all-powerful blog creator I can forge a post from her, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Tehe.Such fun!


4 responses

  1. Excellent. I have not yet given up running a marathon in May…Looking at Flying Pig also. May be able to get out to Spokane, WA for work one more time, which could coincide with the Windemere Marathon (Don’t ask what that means – but it’s on a great trail I run on while I am out there!)
    Best of luck!!

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