Some Things Learned

They say you learn something new every day. Well, here are a few of the things I learned last week: 

Watching the Food Network doesn’t make you a foodie. Learned this one the hard way during a weekly “explore downtown Greenville” lunch with Running Buddy. I’d been brainwashed into believing that sliced apples and turkey was a great pairing, so when I saw a “turkey with apples and swiss” sandwich on the menu, I ordered it. Blech. Apples have no place on a sandwich.

Marketers are extremely bored. Everyone seems to be reworking their logos and packaging. I guess they’re all trying to stand out from each other. But, as is usually the case, they’re all standing out in the same way. Genius. The theme is simple slash vintage designs. Have you seen the new Pepsi labels? It’s basically a solid navy blue with the white Pepsi circle. Ah, so understated. Let me buy a case…um, not. Then there’s Gatorade, which apparently feels that it’s past being a product with a NAME and would prefer to be known as a single letter. G. I have a letter for you, G. It’s F! So lame. (And yes, I’m sure by bringing this up I’m playing right into their  hands, but oh well. I’m buying Gatorade—pardon me, G—anyway.)

I have unbelievable powers of persuasion. No really. Running Buddy is seriously considering the marathon. No, really! I’m not kidding this time. She thought my forged post as “her” with the hidden comments was hilarious, but then she informed me that she does want to run a marathon…someday. Further consideration has (nearly) convinced her that sooner is better than later. She’s testing the waters by following the training plan. We ran 9 miles on Saturday! Go, RB, go! Additionally, my remarkable persuasive abilities have brought the little training group up to three. RB and I have found another buddy for our twice weekly runs. She even joined us for our long run this weekend, and when I mentioned that Scott was hoping I would have someone to run with for safety reasons, she chimed right in. “I’ll do your long runs with you!” She’s run two marathons before, so she’s our Marathon Expert, or ME.

I really  miss dirt roads.  We did our long run at Furman, and I’m in love with the northern section Swamp Rabbit Trail. They cleared out all the railroad ties and gravel, leaving wonderfully level, smooth dirt behind. Wow. I’m sure the eventual plan is to pave it, and when that day comes I’ll cry.

My husband is more romantic than me. I was shocked to discover that I could only remember 1 of our 5 anniversary dinners. How terrible is that? What’s wrong with my memory? The only thing I remember about our first anniversary is that eating year-old frozen cake is a terrible idea. I’m really mad now that I didn’t just scarf the top tier down at the wedding. D’s mom made that cake, so it was fabulous but I only got one bite. Dang it. Our last anniversary was in Charleston, and it was amazing. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Bocci, and I didn’t get carded for alcohol for the first time in my life. Like I said, amazing. The rest has been erased my memory. I feel old.


3 responses

  1. RB – Run the Marathon!!! Seriously, do it! 🙂

    Megs – I just saw that pepsi yesterday and thought the same thing. Hilarious. Also, I totally forgot my mom made that cake. Too bad you only got one slice. I had leftover cake for DAYS after our wedding and of course I’m looking forward to that top layer in another 10 months (gross). 🙂

  2. Wait until you have been married 15 years and then you are lucky to remember how long you have been married, much less where you went for dinner….

    This year we’ll be eating pasta in preparation for the Cooper River Bridge run the next day.

  3. Megger, Megger, Megger. You learn so many things, I’m sure no one could possibly count them! I see that I have now officially been linked. Woot. Gracias, mi hermana.

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