On Energy & Deception

Four weeks of marathon training have come and gone. It’s been an interesting journey so far, particularly because there are three other people in two different time zones sharing the experience with me. It’s easier to roll with the punches of marathon training—not to get too excited about the highs or too depressed about the lows—because I’m not trapped inside my own isolated running bubble. On my own, I’d be in grumbling mode by now. I’m tired, I’m achy, and the prominent thought during my 12-mile long run is that it’s not even halfway through the thing. With Husband and Running Buddy, I know I’m just going through a tired phase. They both hit this particular bump in the road a week ago and are successfully rolling through it. That makes me feel better…I’m not alone, and the challenge is surmountable. Whew. I also think about our friend the Winter Warrior, who was roped into this mess by Husband and is trying to train for a marathon in the depths of a midwestern winter. Egad. Now I feel a whole lot better.

The thing is, training has its ups and downs. Because the training schedule is longer (both in terms of the calendar and in terms of mileage), the hills are more frequent. The trick is trying to keep my emotions off of the roller coaster. Not too excited, not too depressed…just keep running. Ok.

Husband took the “just keep running” motto to extremes on Saturday. First, he logged about 7 miles warming up, cooling down, and racing a 5k. (He was also 2nd in his age group and met his time goal…go husband!) He had decided the night before that a Sunday long run was going to feel miserable, so he might as well stack both runs on one day and then get an extra day off. That’s how we found ourselves out at Furman at 2:00pm on Saturday…me starting mile 1 of 12, husband running mile 8 of 19. He seemed impressed by my steady pace, which was within 8 seconds of 9:00/mile the entire way. That sort of made me laugh. He’s running 19 miles—including a race!—in one day, and he’s impressed because I managed to stick to the only gear I have for 12? Silly boy. Although it did occur to me that it wasn’t very long ago when running 20 miles for a week was a heck of an achievement for me. Put in that context, a 12-mile long run for 19 miles over the weekend is a little impressive. Go me. I mean…go us!

In other news, we registered for THE RACE yesterday. Yes indeed. You know I’ve always got to take advantage of the early bird special! I suppose that makes it official. I’ve been reminded by a few people that I can always hop down to the “miniMarathon” if I need to, but that’s not going to happen. Let’s face it, my experiences with the half have been less than pleasant. If I’m going to suffer, I might as well do something new. What the hay.

And lastly, I’ve received some very kind comments on the kitty posts, and I just wanted to say thank you.


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  2. JKR JUST KEEP RUNNING…..good motto…and congrats to Scott saturday that boy was moving….Just one question what Steroid Marathon program is he on already doing 19 miles this far out from the Marathon?

  3. Oh, that’s just Scott. The plan actually called for a 12-mile long run and a 7-miler for the weekend. Normal people will run those on separate days, but Scott decided that it would be good marathon prep (and helpful to his wife) if he ran them on the same day. I hope he enjoyed his well-earned extra rest day yesterday!

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