Take That, Tiny Squares!

I scoffed at my marathon training schedule today. It wasn’t a particularly nice thing to do…this is a wonderful, magical “off week.” Running Buddy and I have been giddy to the point of ridiculousness all week because we “only have” 3 miles for most afternoons and a 9 mile long run this weekend. Only! The joy! 

The plan today was to wake up early and make the pilgramage to the gym. Oh, I might not have mentioned–we got a gym membership a few weeks ago. About the time that winter actually found Greenville, we finally settled the treadmill vs. gym membership debate. Clearly, gym membership won. We’ll see how long it lasts, but at least if I get sick of it I’m not stuck with a 300lb piece of machinery in my house. Anywho. That was the plan–wake up, grab clothes, head to gym, run on treadmill for 3 miles while watching a movie. Sounds fantabulous. Until…we awakened to the unmistakable sound of destruction at 2:00 this morning. Ugh. It’s probably bad that my first concern is NOT determining whether someone has just broken into my house, but rather how long it will take me to fall back asleep. But then again, I’m the owner of semi-nocturnal animals who have been known to wreak occasional havoc in the dead of night. 

After the man of the house snuck down the stairs to check for intruders, the truth was revealed. A large, decorative spice rack containing 24 collectible Disney spice jars had spontaneously crashed to the ground after 3 years of peaceful coexistence with the wall. I still suspect that a cat and a bug somehow led to this disaster, but whatever the cause the effect was the same: Husband and I spent nearly an hour salvaging what we could, picking up large pieces and vacuuming the kitchen. Ok, now who’s ready to go back to bed? 

Ugh. We all know that my grasp as a “morning person” is tenuous at best, so when the alarm went off at 5:30 I’m sure Scott was surprised to see me actually get out of bed. I made it all the way to the bathroom before I changed my mind, a “no” being all the explanation Scott was going to get as I reintroduced face to pillow. He knows me pretty well, so he turned off the light and reset the alarm. 

No gym–and so no running–for me today, despite the fact that the calendar I’ve been dutifully filling in at work will show a goose egg instead of hard work and dedication. Tough cookies! Take that, tiny squares. Hahahahaha! I…um…win?


2 responses

  1. I totally woulda left that spice rack until the next morning…or evening for that matter. Oh, but you probably can’t do that with cats around huh? Ha, can you imagine them all hyped up on Oregano? hahahaha

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