No Place for the Paranoid

I went to check the FDA list this morning to see if the numbers have changed…why I thought this would be a good idea, I can’t even begin to tell you. In one day’s time, 223 more products have been added to the list. This is just getting silly. A sick sense of curiousity is going to keep me checking the link every single day to see how high that  number can go.

Fortunately, although I’m paranoid about  many things (“did I unplug the toaster?” “did I accidentally trap the cat in the closet?” “did I shut the garage door when I left?”), the more products get added to the list, the less concerned I become. That’s absolutely backwards, I know. When ME asked us several weeks ago if we’d heard about the recall on peanut butter crackers and I had eaten peanut butter crackers (my favorite pre-long run food) that morning, I was  quite concerned. (They’re Lance, and they’re not on the list yet.) But I’m not sure what to do with a list of 1,554 products. Cross-check it with everything in my pantry? That sounds like a fun weekend project!


One response

  1. I eat a ton of PB2, but I have verified that they are clean so I am not too worried… It is pretty scary when you look at how bad this facility was and how little regulation and oversight there is. I’m all for stimulating a few inspector jobs with the bailout plan after thinking about it!

    FYI, Congrats to you and yours on your awards! My wife and I were commenting on how nice it was to see the front of all the fast people for a change….

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