A Tiny Post

This one is for the Trophy Wife, who wants to see a picture of my shoes. I was too lazy to take one last night, but I figured Mizuno wouldn’t mind me “borrowing” one from their website if I also included a link to the product page and mentioned that my feet love their shoes. LOVE. I ran 7 miles on a treadmill yesterday, and there was nary a hot spot anywhere. I usually get heel blisters breaking shoes in, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. And they’re so squishy! Ok, so any shoe would feel squishy after all the pounding the Vomeros have taken, but still.  🙂

Mizuno Wave Rider 12



4 responses

  1. oooh. i like em! i need *another* pair of shoes. i don’t even do that much and after about 7 months my tennies are shot. and with the treadmill workouts going on, i can tell they’re even worse.

  2. okay mego, i just got home from DSW with a pair of oh so snug mizuno’s to be my treadmill shoes. i liked the way the were snug on my ankles and i’m hoping they’re squishy on the treadmill like they were for you!!

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