In the Blizzard of Aught Nine…

I (along with the rest of the area) am completely astounded. It rained for much of the day on Friday, which I definitely count as a blessing in this drought-ridden state. It continued to rain on Saturday, which was perplexing (can anyone think of the last time it rained for two days in a row?) and made for a very soggy and slightly annoying 17-miler. The pretty new shoes have been officially welcomed into the realm of stink. Awesome! 

Today, it rained all morning, changed to sleet around 12:00, and started snowing at 2:00…and it’s STILL SNOWING NOW. In March. In South Carolina. Five inches and counting. Astounding, no? 

If you’re reading this from a land that has winter, you’re probably laughing, and that’s ok. But just think…this is the south, people! Where ice is seen so rarely that signs are required to warn drivers, “BRIDGE ICES BEFORE ROAD.” Where an entire town will shut down for the merest dusting of winter wonderland. Where (and this is what scares the absolute daylights out of me) an ice storm I wouldn’t even think about in Kansas can knock out the power for days.  Just because (1) it doesn’t happen very often and (2) the beautiful, ginormous trees that are EVERYWHERE don’t require much snow/ice on their branches to come crashing down on power lines. So now I’m thinking…if a tiny bit of ice can knock out the power for days, what can happen in a true, southern blizzard? Egad. 

In other news, it’s husband’s birthday today. Happy birthday, husband! (No, I did not coerce or otherwise force him to stand outside with his birthday cupcake in the snow. It was all his idea. Honest!)


My Birthday Boy

My Birthday Boy


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