Reedy Part Deux & Other Musings

Well, clearly we survived the ’09 blizzard. We had about 6 inches of snow, and miraculously the power (although it flickered a few times) stayed on. All right! Husband braved the roads to go to work, while I stayed at home and enjoyed a snow day with the rest of the area. Poor husband.

I’ve neglected to mention this, but Running Buddy has coerced me into running the Reedy 10k with her again this year. Entering one of the races I completed last year has made me realize that my little blogging endeavor is over a year old.  That’s kind of cute. Unlike last year, I’m in the middle of some pretty solid training as opposed to being semi-injured. RB and I are beginning to feel like we’re in decent shape. One of us (who will go unnamed for the sake of anonymity) spontaneously ran a track workout on Friday. Just because she felt like it. I can’t even make fun of her (or…me…dang it!), because when I was running with Scott a week ago I busted out a 7:43 mile on a very hilly course. Just because.

So now, we’re both curious…now that 6.2 miles is a laughably short distance and we’re occasionally being speedy just for the heck of it…how much faster can we run? The course was advertised as being less hilly this year, but it can’t be pancake flat. This is downtown Greenville after all. Last year, we were the 76th and 77th females across the line, with chip times of 50:52 and 50:53. That’s about an 8:15 split, and as I remember we were both feeling pretty good (read: able to chat) the whole way. Anyone care to make a guess at what we’ll hit this year, with an exponentially larger training base and the determination to actually flirt with oxygen debt? I think we’ll be under 7:45 pace for sure, but I hesitate to make any further predictions.


4 responses

  1. Yay! While I’m only doing the 5K, it should still be a great Saturday morning. Want to go to packet pickup with me Friday before dinner?

  2. Coming off a 2+ week cold and very little running – I hope to be close to you and my predicted 47:06 finish time for you. My 6 consecutive PR’s is in jepoardy of being over. (Need 46:03 for that)

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