A Few Words…and Then I’m Going to Bed.


Those numbers tell the story of my day. Running Buddy and I enjoyed a very warm (upper 50’s and humid at 8:00am) 4-mile warm-up. Then, we toe the line (or, we toe the area approximately 20 people back of the line) for the 2009 Reedy River 10k. Marathon Expert is toeing and running right along with us at this point. The race begins, and due to my excellent (sarcasm) pace work we’re only 18 seconds faster than our goal pace for the first mile. And…my original plan of negative splits is officially out the door. Sweet. New plan: HANG ONTO THE PACE. I mention the new plan to RB, but I think she may have misheard me because our second mile (which was mostly downhill) was 7:11. Ack! I shifted into neutral to ponder the chances of finishing the race in a remotely strong fashion, and RB and ME zoom ahead in butt-kickin’ mode. After a mile or so of doubt, I realized that marathon training has made me a lot stronger than my current assumed level of fitness. Where last year I would have fallen off the face of the planet (and possibly walked), today I managed to make a reasonable surge in mile 4 and finished with a chip time of 46:51…four minutes faster than last year. After a couple of glasses of water and a hike back to the car, our little 10k squad left on an 8-mile cooldown. 18 miles for the day. 

I don’t normally subscribe to such hefty pre-and post-race runs, but the marathon has taken over my life. RB and I decided that the most logical way we were getting to 18 this weekend was in puzzle fashion: piece by piece. While I know that we’re not getting quite the same physiological benefits…better to run 18 in this manner today than not run 18 at all. Right? 

Congrats to all finishers. If you’re looking for race results, you can find them here. (2009 Reedy River Results) Me? I’m going to go become one with the couch. Owwwwwwwww. 

Oh, and a special message for the Trophy Wife. When we got to the starting line, the song playing over the loud speaker was Womanizer. I thought you’d get a kick out of that, and the fact that the only reason I even recognized the song was because of your blog. 🙂


3 responses

  1. Woohoo! Nicely done on the 4 minute improvement. That marathon training is doing wonders! I love that it’s taken over your life, I love special messages just for me and I love bringing Britney to the world one fun gal at a time! 😉

  2. pre and post race runs ..

    and people were mocking me for going out for 5 miles after last years RDT 🙂

    Oh and I watched you cross the finish line.. good show!

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