Welcome Back

I’m pretty sure that’s what Kansas is saying to Running Megan…”welcome back!” Or maybe I’m misinterpreting, and what a temperature of 33 degrees with a windchill below 20, drizzle, and the prospect of 8 inches of snow is really saying is, “take that!” Welcome back…take that…was that an evil laugh I just heard?

Hmm. So confusing. What I can say for certain is that my long run this morning (moved up a day for reasons that the weather is forecasted as “entirely craptastic” tomorrow) wasn’t entirely fun. I’m glad I managed to get it out of the way, and very glad I thought to pack a few winter running clothes. I’m pretty sure the weather was more cooperative for my visit in November than in March. Kansas. Go figure.

What I can also say is that I’m very excited to go see “Phantom” with my mom tonight. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds and we can get to and from KC safely! And maybe a little extra hopeful thoughts that I’ll be able to get home easily on Sunday.


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