Miscellaneous Achievements

Yesterday, I finally plugged in my ipod to the computer. This is an achievement in itself because I’ve taken to charging the ipod in the car as I listen to sweet tunes on the way to work. It’s also a bit of an achievement because I have sadly neglected the Nike+ system since the fateful day when I accidentally made Running Buddy go 12 miles instead of 11. And lastly, it’s quite the achievement because of this:

Ah, sweet victory.

 Since the last time I synced the ipod, I’d logged enough miles to pass a new milestone. 1,000 miles! Of course, we all know that since I’ve only been wearing Nike+ sporadically in recent months, much of these fantastic 30-49 mile marathon training weeks have gone unlogged.  Nevertheless, it’s always fun to get a certificate. The $28 commemorative “1000 mile club” PINK shirt, however, I can pass on.

Oh…and in addition, my new singlet is scheduled for delivery today. Sweetness! Here’s hoping it fits…and that Mr. Fedex squishes the oh-so-squishable envelope into our mailbox and doesn’t leave one of those rascally “I’m sorry, you need to hang out at your house all day in order to receive your delivery” notes. I hate those! Although what with the delinquents in training charming yet destructive mischievous tykes in our neighborhood, perhaps a little paranoia on the part of Mr. Fedex should be appreciated. 


One response

  1. Those kids want to make you setup a motion detection sprinkler system that sprays blue dye. I want to do that for the owners of the dogs that let them poop in my front yard without cleaning it up. If you see any blue dogs running around, it wasn’t me. 🙂

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