Countdown to 26.2: 19 Days

This whole “series” idea is turning out to be a bit more complicated than I thought. I’ve already let a whole week of the countdown whiz by! And now that I feel rather guilty and beholden to write a second “countdown” post…what to say about my upcoming adventure…hmm…


I suppose it’s time to freak out. It would have been time to freak out anyway, what with a rather large and never-before-done-by-me undertaking such as this, but Saturday’s little lapse has sent me plummeting over the edge. I’m now like Chris Farley in “Black Sheep”—suspended over the abyss, staring at a long and painful drop into the realm of panic, yet held in place by the tiniest of tiny plants. “Stay strong, little roots, stay strong!”

On the surface, I’m as normal as ever (or at least, as normal as I ever am). Beneath the facade, however, is worldclass worrier creating a list of “what-ifs” astounding in both its length and its ridiculousness. “What if it’s hot? What if I bonk? What if I don’t finish? What if I throw up again?  What if a horse steps on me? (We’re going to run around Churchill Downs…it’s not as unreasonable as it sounds.) What if I pee my pants? What if Scott gets tired of waiting for me and heads for home while I’m still running?”

Such a fun list. Now really, I’m probably going to be ok. And beneath the obsessive worrier hiding behind the semi-normal facade is a little girl who’s getting pretty excited. The marathon is a lifetime goal of mine, and knowing that I’m this close to achieving it is incredibly cool. Ah, and I have my new singlet and it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Period. Now I sort of want the fancy shorts that go with it, but I’m restraining myself. Sure, they have the fancy butt pocket to stash gel/shot blocks and they would match my new singlet PERFECTLY…but my current shorts aren’t that old and they’re close enough. I guess. 🙂


4 responses

  1. Get the new shorts and get excited!! 🙂 Don’t let that one bad run overpower the months (years) of training you’ve put in for this. You can do this. Plain and simple.

  2. Yes, but then I lose serious Internet cred because I have to pay shipping twice for buying at the same store. How lame is that? Could I live with myself? Would you respect me as a blogger?

  3. I say go for the shorts. When I feel good and have the gear, I always perform better. Besides, this might be your only time running a marathon and you want it to be SUPER special. Matching is always better in my opinion as well. Live it up girl and GO BIG!!! 🙂

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