A Smidgeon of Girlyness, or…Shopping Fun

The people have spoken…I have purchased the shorts. 🙂 GRIN 🙂 Nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel better about her upcoming encounter with a heroic feat.

I’m especially excited because I managed to find an argument convincing enough to persuade Customer Service to grant me free shipping privileges. I wrote them an email yesterday morning because I figured if they were going to laugh at me, I’d prefer it be out of my hearing, and my planned approach was a sob story about a little girl and her dream of marathon grandeur. The odds of that approach panning out were approximately nill, but I was hoping desperately to acquire the shorts while keeping my “frugal shopper” card. Paying $8 in shipping TWICE for items weighing less than one pound? I could never call myself a cheapskate again.

Hence, the desperation email. As I revisited the site, however, inspiration dawned. This is one of those sites that wants you to register a user name so they can track you forever offer you better customer service, and they were offering free shipping for your first order after registration. I just happened to have a login already from one of their other sites but had never purchased a product (before my singlet), so I’d never had the chance to enjoy the free shipping opportunity.

Now, I have. “Desperation email” turned into “reasonable chance email,” and you’re looking at the ridiculously proud buyer of a pair of singlet-matching, marathon-friendly butt-pocket containing shorts. Rock on.


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