Will I Look Ridiculous…? or, Search Engine Fun Revisited

I’ve been getting some fun search traffic recently, and while I believe that some of it may be from Running Buddy (who occasionally searches for weird things just to mess with my mind) I couldn’t resist sharing. You know how I enjoy my Internet quasi-stalking.

  • “will I look ridiculous wearing a running skirt?”
    Oh, boy. That’s an excellent question. There will undoubtedly be people who think that you look ridiculous wearing a skirt while running, which is something to consider if you place a high value in the random opinions of others. I stand by my original rant that there is no such thing as a running skirt. It’s a travesty brought upon us by some true ad wizards who figured out that they’d sell more skirts if they branched out from tennis and golf…but who cares what I think? If you think wearing a skirt while running will make you feel better/happier about yourself and running, then ignore the random opinions and do what makes you happy. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Wow.
  • “wearing my watch”
    What a coincidence! I’m wearing my watch too. Um…???
  • “greer half marathon headphones usatf”
    I think this may be a question about whether mp3 players are allowed during the upcoming Greer Earth Day Run, which is definitely a question for the race director. (Flemming?) I did wear my ipod last year (and I saw others wearing theirs) but I can’t give a definite answer as to the legality of such.
  • “joggers see thru spandex”
    Ew. Just ew. And combining the see-through spandex with the exercising skirt would lead to a particularly regrettable and ridiculous combo.
  • “bob timmons runners world article”
    This search probably landed you at the “Stinkfest” post, which describes an article in the April edition of RW that continues to make me madder than graffiti on my garage door…which is saying something. I received no response to  my correspondence with either the editor or the publisher, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that a very few letters will be published in June’s edition and a webpage may be set up for the rest. We’ll see about that. I’ll check the library in a month, because I’m curious to see the end of the episode but don’t want to put more money in their pockets. Any old copies of the magazine I found lying around the house officially made their way from my recycle bin to the county’s this morning. “This house is clear.” Poltergeist? Anybody?

One response

  1. So, know what’s more ridiculous than running skirts? Wearing said *running* skirt to SPIN class.

    What the heck is that about???

    I saw one in class today, thought of you, and had a major giggle fest. I think they all thought I was insane. But, really, I wasn’t the one who wore a skirt to spinning.

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