Who Wears Short Shorts?

The shorts arrived on Saturday…and yes, they are short. Very short. Very, very, very short. And of the species of running shorts with the flappy, non-attached sides. ¡Ay caramba! That is a lot of leg. Scott assures me that it makes me look most runnerish, ready to run a marathon, and skinny. He is, of course, required by law to say such things. In fact, most guys in long-term relationships would probably opt for the safe answer to the  “does this make my butt look big?” minefield. However, I think that if it truly looked bad he’d tell me…after all, it’s his last name that will be parading around Louisville in short shorts.

Shortness aside, the shorts are quite comfy, nice and light, and have a convenient butt pocket. They also look fantastic with the new singlet. Really.


4 responses

  1. I mean, they can’t be any shorter than the buns so I’m sure they are fine! 😉 Can’t wait for the pictures and the race report. Woohoo!

  2. Saw lots of women at Cooper River wearing shirts that say “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?” on the tail…. I told my wife that I was glad she was with me so that I wouldn’t be tempted to make remarks that might have gotten me in trouble…

  3. Louisville? For some reason I thought you had decided on Nashville. So many out there around this time of year! I’m sure you’ll do great in that other ‘ville.
    Guess we’ll have to wait for a marathon photo for the singlet-short combination?

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