Countdown to 26.2: 10 days

Scott told me he was a little worried about all the whining I’ve been doing. Well, that’s not what he said exactly, but that’s how I interpreted it. He’s really hoping that I truly ENJOY my marathon experience, and he’s worried that focusing on the bad/boring—as I am certainly guilty of doing this latter half of marathon training—bodes ill for the event itself. That got me worrying, because four hours is a longish time to be down in the dumps. Am I doing an abnormal and excessive amount of complaining? Should I be looking for the brighter side of things?

Then we ran at Furman on Sunday and I had an epiphany. It was a simple 12-mile long run, which by recent standards isn’t extremely far. When I finished and met Scott at the Furman lake, I just couldn’t resist saying, “it’s a beautiful day…but I am BORED.” My extremely dedicated, disciplined runner husband shocked me by replying, “yeah, me too.”

Me too??? Ah-ha! A light bulb came on, and I started thinking about precisely what I am anticipating the end of. The trip to Louisville I’m looking forward to. The Saturday event with 11,999 other runners, springtime freshness, and a fancy new outfit I’m really excited about. Preparing for the  marathon, however, I am so totally and completely over. I’d like an occasional weekend sans long run—which is to say, I’d like a weekend that’s about rest and relaxation instead of running. I’d like for Scott’s metabolism to revert to semi-normal levels, so I can go back to cooking for 3 (skinny runner boy typically eats enough for 2 people) instead of 6. I’d could go for some DDR or maybe even a round of golf.

So. I really, really, really, really can’t wait for marathon TRAINING to be over. I think this is probably the true challenge of the marathon. If you’re going to do it you have to be willing to invest the time. If you’re going to invest the time, you need to be willing to allow it—the whole running, fueling and hydrating for running preparation or recovery, and sleeping cycle—to take over your life. And I have. We have. For nearly 4 months.  And now…

The marathon is almost  here!!! Our hotel is booked, our travel arranged, I even got reservations at this really neat-looking and well-reviewed local restaurant for our pre-race meal. I’m unreasonably proud of this accomplishment, but hey—when 11,996 other runners with (as I imagine it) less planning finesse are scrambling to find an Italian restaurant worthy of the occasion,Running Buddy, Winter Warrior, Scott and I will have it made in the shade. Boo-yah. Um. I don’t think anyone says boo-yah anymore. And I’m pretty sure that’s not how you spell it. I’m such a dork.


5 responses

  1. Dear Meggers,

    I’d tell you to suck it up…if you weren’t putting in more miles than I am.

    Good luck in the race, sis. I love you.

    your bro

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